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How To Use TorqTraq® Digital Torque Measurement Tool For Bottles

Perform on-the-go torque measurement checks in the factory with the TorqTraQ® torque measurement tool. The handheld TorqTraQ® uses interchangeable chucks to engage a variety of closure sizes for accurate torque measurement. Watch our tutorial video and learn how to use the TorqTraQ® for digital measurement of application and removal torque for your bottle caps and closures.

How To Use The TorqTraq® Torque Measurement Tool For Bottles

1. Select the TorqTraQ® chuck needed for the size of your closure.
2. Fit the chuck into the TorqTraQ® and secure it.
3. Fit the TorqTraQ® to your bottle closure and measure application torque.
4. Press the “Zero” button to record and store the reading in the device memory.
5. Fit the TorqTraQ® and measure removal torque.
6. Press the “Zero” button to record and store the reading in the device memory.
7. Repeat process for up to 250 readings.
8. To download and retrieve torque measurement data, connect the TorqTraQ® to a
computer via USB cable.
9. Using included software, click “View Data”, click “Report”, then export data to a
spreadsheet for easy reference.

If you have questions about how to use the TorqTraq® to record digital measurements
of application or removal torque on your bottles, please contact us today! We’re here to
help you discover if the TorqTraq® is right for your torque testing needs.

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