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How To Reset Digital Torque Testers

SecurePak Digital Torque Testers come with an Auto Zero button to ensure the unit returns to 0.0 before each new measurement. If the interface on your Digital Torque Tester doesn’t display 0.0, watch the video below to learn how to reset it.

How To Reset A Digital Torque Tester Using Auto Zero

1. Make sure there is nothing on the torque tester and that the torque tester is on.
2. Press and hold the Reset button until the unit starts counting down.
3. Once the unit starts counting down, release the Reset button.
4. The Auto Zero feature should reset the torque tester to 0.0.
5. If your torque tester doesn’t obtain 0.0 after a few attempts, you may need to send your unit to Secure Pak for servicing.

If you have further questions about how to use your digital torque tester, check out our
digital torque tester demonstration video or contact us! We’re here to help with all of
your torque testing needs.

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