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    Computer Interface Torque Tester

    The Secure Pak Computer Interface Torque Tester improves upon the industry-standard we’ve set for the reliable control of closure tightness by interfacing our Digital Torque Tester with your USB-compatible computer. Software is available for use with Windows 10.

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    Digital Torque Tester

    The electronic torque meter provides for a more refined reading than the spring unit indicator. If desired, the digital unit can easily be upgraded to the Computer Interface Torque Tester at any time.

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    Incremental Torque Gauge

    Incremental Torque Gauge for Bottles

    In order to maintain good cap application and package integrity, plastic beverage closures must be monitored and tested during production. This can be achieved by checking closure removal torque and incremental torque periodically during filling line production with an incremental torque gauge.

    SecurePak now stocks the incremental torque gauge for bottles which is specially designed …

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    Secure Seal Tester

    The Secure Pak Secure Seal Tester allows you to test thread and seal integrity on your glass or plastic beverage containers. The PET bottle seal tester has been designed to address the special needs of sealing beverage containers that use various seals, such as aluminum roll-on, twist crowns, or plastic caps. By detecting gas leakage rather than liquid, the …

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    Spring Torque Tester

    Tightness control is a critical process in all bottling plants. Without the use of a finely manufactured bottle cap torque tester, bottlers can face evaporation and leakage issues with their products if the caps are not secure. Excessive tightness can cause another expensive problem: Bottles are vulnerable to breakage and cap removal becomes an issue for consumers.

  • Bottle Cap Torque TestersDigital Torque Testers


    TorqTraQ® is a hand-held, digital torque measurement tool. Its ergonomic design is small enough to put in a pocket. TorqTraQ® uses interchangeable chucks to consistently engage the closure or capper to be tested on the handheld bottle cap torque tester.

    Chucks are specific to a closure type and size.  Some of our standard chucks are suitable for a variety of closures. …

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    TorqTraQ® Chucks

    Interchangeable chucks used with the TorqTraQ® chucks device to securely and repeatably engage with your closure or capper during torque measurement.  These TorqTraQ® interchangeable chucks are made with aluminum and can be installed or swapped in a matter of seconds.

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    Torque Tester Calibration Kit

    The SecurePak Torque Calibration Kit allows you to create a regular calibration schedule for your Torque Tester at your location. This will ensure optimum consistency in your calibration routine. The calibration kit is available for every type of Secure Pak Torque Tester.