TorqTraQ® Chucks

Interchangeable chucks used with the TorqTraQ® chucks device to securely and repeatably engage with your closure or capper during torque measurement.  These TorqTraQ® interchangeable chucks are made with aluminum and can be installed or swapped in a matter of seconds.


Standard Beverage Closure Chucks

TorqTraQ® Chucks for testing packages with closures from a select list of common closure types listed below.

  • 28mm 1881 standard closures
  • 28mm 1810 standard closures
  • 26P water
  • 38mm hot fill
  • 38mm dairy
  • 43mm hot fill

Advanced Beverage Closure Chucks

Bottle capping chucks used for testing packages beverage closures with closure types not included in the list available for Standard Beverage Closures above.

Specialty Closure Chucks

Chucks are used for testing articles with complex designs like pumps and spray nozzles.  These chucks require custom design and fabrication.

Standard Capper TorqTraQ® Chucks

TorqTraQ® interchangeable chucks are available for the following finishes

  • 28mm 1881
  • 28mm 1810
  • 38mm DBJ
  • 30/25 Water

All Chuck Types

Upon purchase of any type of chuck you will be asked to send samples of the closure or finish you are testing to ensure the proper fit for testing.

Additional information

Weight 4.40 lbs
Dimensions 5.90 × 5.90 × 5.90 in