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TorqTraQ® is a hand-held, digital torque measurement tool. Its ergonomic design is small enough to put in a pocket.

Digital Torque Tester

Digital Torque Tester

The Secure Pak Digital Torque Testers makes control of closure tightness easier and more reliable than ever before.


Secure Seal tester

The Secure Pak Secure Seal Tester allows you to test thread and seal integrity on your glass or plastic carbonated beverage containers.

Torque Testing Calibration and Repair

Calibration & Repair

We calibrate torque testers and return them with a certificate of calibration, and, upon customer request, refurbish them to like-new condition.

Torque Testing Products

Spring Torque Tester

The Secure Pak Spring Torque Tester is designed to control cap tightness, an essential factor in bottling operations.

Digital Torque Tester

The Secure Pak Digital Torque Tester makes control of closure tightness easier and more reliable than ever before.

Computer Interface Torque Tester

The Secure Pak Computer Interface Torque Tester improves upon the industry standard we've set for the reliable control of closure tightness.

Improving The Industry Standard With Torque Testing Equipment For Reliable Control Of Closure Tightness

SecurePak Torque Test Equipment

Are you planning to buy the best torque testing equipment to fulfill your quality control requirements? You can rely on SecurePak to sell high-quality torque test products at the most affordable prices. You can find amazing spring torque testers, digital torque testers and computer interface torque tester deals when you buy our products online.

SecurePak Torque measurment products meet international standards and you can expect high reliability. Our torque testers, as well as secure seal testers, guarantee exceptional performance and you can enjoy amazing durability as well. We also offer torque calibration kits and repair solutions to meet the varying needs of different customers.

Leading brands all around the world depend on us for the most dynamic and efficient torque testing products of exceptional quality at very affordable prices. Fast and safe worldwide shipping is offered to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Shop for industry-leading torque test equipment from Secure Pak today!

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