Computer Interface
CAP Torque Tester

Computer Interface Cap Torque Tester

Secure Pak’s Computer Interface Cap Torque Tester connects to your RS232 compatible computer and printer so you can store and track torque meter bottle cap tightness data. Windows software is available to facilitate the data transfer.

We also have the capability to convert your Spring Cap Torque Tester and Digital Cap Torque Tester to a Computer Interface Cap Torque Tester.

Our computer interface torque meter connects to your computer and printer via a RS232 cable that is included with your purchase.

Additional benefits of the Computer Interface Cap Torque Tester include:

       ·        Covers complete cap sizes testing range [0-100 inch lbs.] for application as well as removal.

       ·        Can read in increments as low as 0.1 inch lb.

       ·        An accuracy of ±2% of full scale or reading.

       ·        Holds the peak reading for around 30 seconds which allows the readings to be recorded manually.

       ·        Functions on 110v and has a step-down transformer with a 9V output to facilitate laboratory usage. Can also operate via a 9v alkaline battery.

At Secure Pak, we understand tightness control is a critical process in all bottling plants. The Computer Interface Cap Torque Tester provides the means for collection and storage of your testing data for long term quality control. Like our Spring Cap Torque Tester and Digital Cap Torques Tester, its computer interface counterpart effectively determines precise bottle cap tightness to help you avoid evaporation, leakage and breakage issues.

Deluxe Computer Interface Cap Torque Tester Model

In our deluxe version of the computer interface bottle cap torque meter, all the exposed metal parts have a Teflon finish. This coating guarantees a strong, well-lubricated, anti-wear and stick-resistant surface, perfect in laboratory environments where exposure to solvents, ingredients and chemicals can be an issue. With our Teflon-coated cap torque tester model you don’t need to worry about peeling, cracking, flaking or chipping. There is a reasonable upcharge for our deluxe model.

Bottle Cap Torque Tester Conversions

Upon request, we can convert your Spring Cap Torque Tester or Digital Cap Torque Tester to a Computer Interface Torque Tester. Call us here for details. This can be a great value if your mechanical or digital torque meter is in good condition but you’d like to upgrade to a model that will allow you to store and analyze bottle cap tightening data. 

Shipping details

Once we receive your order, you can expect your Computer Interface Cap Torque Tester to be shipped in one to two weeks. Shipping is Standard UPS unless otherwise specified.  Our standard packaging involves double wrapping and double boxing for complete protection of your Computer Interface Cap Torque Tester. Custom packaging and shipping are available upon request. 

Packaging specifications

       ·       Product weight: 12 lbs.

       ·       Package weight: 15 lbs. 

       ·       Package specifications: 19.5 in. x 11.5 in. x 5.75 in.

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