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How To Use A Spring Torque Tester For Bottles

The SecurePak Spring Torque Tester ensures your bottle caps are at the appropriate level of tightness for both opening and closing. Full Page Optimizations. You can prevent evaporation and leakage issues that come with a cap that is too loose, as well as cap or bottle breakage and consumer difficulties that occur when a cap is too tight. Learn how to use the Spring Torque Tester for bottles in this step-by-step tutorial video

How To Use A SecurePak Spring Torque Tester:

1. Place the container into the chuck jaws and secure using the side knob.
2. If necessary, adjust bumpers and pins so that the container finish is directly in the
center of the table (this may also require brackets to accomplish).
3. Once the container is secured, make sure indicators are at zero before testing.
4. Grip the cap and remove in a smooth, steady motion. Once the cap is released,
readings can be recorded.
5. Reset the Spring Torque Tester to zero.
6. Apply torque to secure the cap back on the bottle, then record readings.
7. Once testing is complete and readings are recorded, remove the bottle from the
Spring Torque Tester.

If you have questions about how to use the Spring Torque Tester to accurately measure
torque on your bottles, please contact us today! We’re here to help you discover if the
Spring Torque Tester is right for your torque testing needs.

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