Spring Torque Tester




Spring Torque Tester

SecurePak’s Spring Torque Tester is our most popular – and in-demand – torque meter model.

There are a number of reasons for the popularity of the Spring Cap mechanical torque meter. They include:

  • It’s rugged and durable.
  • Most corrosive environments do not impact its condition or performance.
  • It’s reasonably priced.
  • Consistent – and dependable – accuracy.
  • Optional Teflon Coating
  • After years of use it can be repaired or rebuilt into almost-new condition.

Tightness control is a critical process in all bottling plants. Without the use of a finely manufactured bottle cap torque tester, bottlers can face evaporation and leakage issues with their products if the caps are not secure. Excessive tightness can cause another expensive problem: Bottles are vulnerable to breakage and cap removal becomes an issue for consumers.

We set the industry standard in developing the bottle cap torque tester beginning in 1987. Our commitment to excellence has not wavered. Our mechanical torque tester is available in two models:

  • MR. The indicator can be seen only on the removal side
  • MRA. The indicators can be seen on both the application and removal sides.

Like all our cap torque testers, our spring torque testers are solidly built with cast aluminum.  Teflon coating of either model, effective for extreme corrosive conditions,  is available for a modest upcharge.

Spring Torque Tester Shipping Details

Once we receive your order, you can expect your SecurePak Spring Torque Tester to be shipped in one to two weeks. Shipping is Standard UPS unless otherwise specified.  Custom packaging and shipping are available upon request. Our standard packaging involves double wrapping and double boxing the mechanical torque tester to ensure supreme protection.

Packaging specifications

  • Product weight: 12 lbs.
  • Package weight: 15 lbs.
  • Package specifications: 19.5 in. x 11.5 in. x 5.75 in.

Mechanical Torque Meter Model specifications

  • MR. The indicator can be seen only on the removal side
  • MRA. The indicators can be seen on both the application and removal sides.
MODELS RANGE(inch lbs.) INCREMENT(in.lbs.)
25 MR 0 to 25 1
50 MR 0 to 50 2
100 MR 0 to 100 5
150 MR 0 to 150 10
25 MRA 0 to 25 1
50 MRA 0 to 50 2
100 MRA 0 to 100 5
150 MRA 0 to 150 10

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Accuracy of Spring Torque Testers

The SecurePak Spring Torque Tester has an accuracy of ±4% of full-scale reading.

Additional information

Weight 22.04 lbs
Dimensions 19.68 × 11.81 × 5.90 in