How To Use Secure Seal Tester On Glass Bottles

The Secure Seal Tester from SecurePak ensures the integrity of the thread and seal on glass and plastic bottles. By testing gas leakage, the Secure Seal Tester gives you a sensitive and accurate measure of the effectiveness of your bottle seal. Learn how to use our seal tester for glass bottles in this step-by-step tutorial video.

How to test a bottle seal with the Secure Seal Tester:

  1. Puncture the bottle cap with the needle. Once the threads engage, turn the needle counterclockwise until the puncture tip sits flat on the cap.
  2. Attach the bottle with the puncture tip to the quick connect at the end of the hose.
  3. Carefully lower the bottle into the water as you close the lid, and ensure the lid is securely closed with the bolt.
  4. Reset the lazy hand to zero on the front gauge.
  5. Turn the black selector knob to “Test” until the unit arrives at your desired test pressure or failure occurs (this happens when bubbles appear).
  6. Turn the black knob to “Hold” and leave on “Hold” according to your quality control guidelines.
  7. Once testing is complete, place the black knob to “Vent”, open the lid, and remove the puncture tip from the hose.

Do you have questions about how to use the Secure Seal Tester on your bottles? Contact us today to learn more about our seal tester and if it’s the right option for your torque testing needs.

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