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Digital Torque Tester Demonstration Video

Our Digital Torque Tester is a digital upgrade to our analog Spring Torque Tester. With our digital torque gauge, you can easily and accurately measure and read bottle cap tightness. The digital unit holds the peak reading for about 20 seconds for easy recording.

Learn how to use our digital torque tester in our step-by-step demonstration video below.

How to Use the Digital Torque Tester:

1. Place the container being tested in the chuck jaws.
2. Secure the container using the side knob.
3. The container should be in the middle of the table.
4. Once your container is secured, press the reset button. The torque tester should read 0.0 before testing.
5. Grip and remove the cap in a smooth, steady motion.
6. Once the cap is released, you can now record the readings.
7. If using the Computer Interface Torque Tester, the readings can now be sent to
your computer using the send button.
8. Remove the container from the torque tester once readings are taken.

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