Incremental Hand chuck
Hand CHucks
for torque testers

The Hand Chucks Provide Higher Reliability and Consistency while

Removing your Cap during Torque Testing using the Secure Pak Torque Testers.

It also Helps Eliminate Fatigue to your Hands when Removing Numerous Caps.

Incremental Hand Chucks

Incremental Hand Chucks – A knurled, comfortable holding device which includes an accurate pair of indicators for bottle opening and closing. This hand chuck is meant to be used with our incremental bottle torque gauge stand as shown in the above photo. The units are made to be adjustable to compensate for wear, and are available in multiple sizes or can be custom made.

Hand Chucks

Hand Chucks For Torque Testers

Non-Incremental Hand Chucks – our new laser cut hand  chucks are also available in multiple sizes and are very reasonably priced.

Secure Pak carries a variety of Hand Chuck's, we have them both for incremental testing and for ease in

removing your bottle caps.

We have standard sizes or if you send in bottle/cap samples, we can custom make them to fit your cap.

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