Spring Torque Tester

Spring Torque Tester

Cap tightness control is an unavoidable process in bottling plants. If the cap application and tightness is not done properly, issues such as evaporation and leakage may pop up. Excess tightness can also make molded closures extremely vulnerable to breakage. Removal becomes difficult as well. You can efficiently control the cap tightness with the help of Secure Pak Spring Torque Tester.

We have made this Secure Pak Spring Torque Tester available in two versions or models.

  • With the MR model, the indicator can be seen only on the removal side
  • You can see the indicators on the application as well as removal sides with the MRA model.

    The standard ranges of MR and MRA models are given below:

    • The standard range of these models stands in between 0-25 inch lbs which reads in 1 inch lb. increments
    • 2 inches lb. increments – between 0 and 50 inch lbs
    • 5 inch lb. increments – between 0 and 100 inch lbs
    • 10 inch lb. increments – Between 0 and 150 inch lbs

    Here are the special order ranges:

    • When there are 0.1 inch lb. increments, between 0 and 2 inch lbs.
    • When there are 0.2 inch lb. increments, between 0-5 inch lbs.
    • When there are 0.5 inch lb. increments, between 0-10 inch lbs.

    A precision level of ±4% of full scale reading can be associated with The Secure Pak Spring Torque Tester.

    Once the order is received, we ship our Spring Torque Testers within one to two weeks. Standard UPS is shipped under normal circumstances. Custom versions are made available upon special request. We make use of double wrapping and double boxing to ship the Spring Torque Tester to ensure supreme protection.

    • The weight of this product is 12 lbs.
    • The package weight is 15 lbs. The specifications are 19 1/2 inches x 11 1/2 inches x 5 3/4 inches

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